Geo Candle
  • Geo Candle

    Add a little luxury to your home. Wood wick candles are the way forward, the gentle crackle can be very relaxing.  


    All our candles are made to order to make sure they are prfect for each customer. Each candle burns for approximately 40 hours. 

    • Candle Care

      To prevent tunnelling we recommend that you burn your candle long enough for the melt pool to reach the edge of the vessel. Try to avoid blowing the candle out, instead we recommend using a snuffer if you have one or placing the lid on top of the candle. 


      Keep your wick trimmed to roughly 5mm above the hardened wax. This way you get a clean consistent burn out of your candle. 

      As soy is a natural wax it may not appear pristine everytime it cures. This is normal and just gives it that extra charm. Air bubbles may appear, this is normal and will not affect your candle burn. A little discolouration may happen, again this is normal. 

      Lastly stay safe with your candle. Do not leave your candle unattended when lit. Please burn it in an area free from draughts and do not move the candle while it is lit. 

      Once you get to the bottom of the candle there may be a little wax left again this is normal. we recommend you remove the wax safely and what is left of the wick (and holder) and reuse the vessle as you wish. They make great holders for jewlry, cotton buds and such. 

      Lastly we hope you enjoy your candle.